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Open Sesame Vintage Style Grip and Twist Jar Opener With Handle



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How many times you have faced a situation where you can’t wait to try your favorite Salsa but just can’t open a stubborn jar..?!!Get a handle on the situation and order Open Sesame Vintage Style Grip and Twist, it grips tight and opens even the toughest of jars in seconds with a twist.. opens wide to fit standard size jars and does not make any noise like the electric openers do ! It’s sharp Stainless Steel teeth simply grip the lid at the neck of the bottle and once you get the grip, just twist .. the jar will pop open and you are ready to enjoy your Salsa instantly..Don’t forget Grip and Twist.. it’s as magical as the age old phrase ” Open Sesame”.. a simple solution to the age-old problem..DETAILS:Made of Stainless Steel with BPA FREE Plastic Handle.It has 5-inch handle  and opens up to accommodate jars up to 4 inches Wide.Works easily, just grip the jar at the lid and twist to open. Works on jars of Jam, Salsa, Jalapenos, Olives and more.Just run under water to clean.It is compact enough to save space and fits in kitchen drawer.It comes in Sesame White.

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